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Default Bi curious?

Whoah! I am feeling more lost now. I understand why Immaterial may have gotten that impression--my "mood" of that moment (while typing) was anger/rage, but, in general, I am loving and generous and patient and compassionate with her. We come from very different values/backgrounds, and sometimes I get very frustrated--which comes out in me ranting against her. This comes from my fear that she won't love me back romantically. My actions and words to her have always remained respectful and not threatening or manipulative.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post curious, but not bi.
What I'd really like to understand is "bi curious." I honestly have always believed that anyone who is curious is actually (in their heart) bi, whether or not they want to defy culture, and their past image of themself as "straight." At this point, I don't know if I believe that bi curious really exists. Forgive me if that seems stupid...Can anyone explain this distinction to me?
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