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Exclamation It happened last night!

Mr. A came to get me, and we'd all agreed beforehand that he would come into our home and meet Indigo. They shook hands, made a bit of polite small talk, and I introduced our zoo (3/4 cats and the two dogs) to Mr. A.

Oh, I was terribly awkward ... They were both far better than me! I hugged Indigo goodbye, and bolted for the door! At this point they shook hands again and Mr. A offered a "man-hug" with a laugh.

I did want to give them a bit of time alone, but I have to be honest and say that's not the whole reason I left the house. *embarrassed duck of head*

After I went to the car, I could hear them joking a bit, about not knowing the proper "protocol". Indigo told Mr. A he was lucky that he, Indigo, was wearing pants, since it was his house.

They shared a laugh at my awkwardness and Mr. A even started to close our door, thus putting him in the house with Indigo. I heard Indigo say, "I like him!" and they laughed.

My heart soars at these tiny steps.

Thank-you for your bravery, Indigo.
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