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Yes Mark, your wife and Mono feel that way. But neither identify as poly while I do. I don't think it's conditioning on my part, not societal anyway. More like extremely bad experiences. I know I can be at the center of a V (done). I know I can even handle an N (done). A triad might be possible with the right woman if we were both deeply in love with her and I felt comfortable enough (was willing but it didn't happen). And I'd never deny my husband a male partner if he ever chose to seek one (doubtful). However, they would all have to be based on deep emotional connections and a form of polyfidelity. What the deal breaker with P ended up being was 1) her male partner was not a love connection (on his part) but a fuck buddy. And 2) HE began having promiscuous sex with other female partners and P would neither stop seeing him nor ask him to stop despite it hurting her and causing concern for me. (risk of STDs, risk of P being emotionally devastated, his refusal to get to know me and N, etc.) I never had issue with enough love to go around. But the sexual aspect was difficult and still is.
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