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Redpepper: I need, need, NEED to know about radical honesty. I'll search out posts on the topic in a moment.

Hey, I'm Sagittarius too! From one list of Sagittarius traits: "honest and straightforward" but "blindly optimistic and careless" pretty much describes my side of the interaction to a T.

Derby, I do think that mistakes were made on both sides. And I'm not beating myself up...anymore! Thanks.

Immaterial, again I thank you for your support. You're right: her anger led her to say some really malicious things. I think I know her well enough to understand her insecurity and her fear, and how those emotions turn into anger and spite -- she had to say those things, she couldn't help it. If L and I ever make it back to friendship I'll see if there's a way to help her grow past that junk. If not then I'll remember the good parts fondly and with gratitude, and forget the bad ending.

Mono predicted that I'd learn a lot about relationships from this, and boy was he right! Wise man.

Meanwhile J and I are emailing every day and we'll spend a long weekend together at the end of July. I'm crazy about her -- the only woman I've met in long years who makes me think I could actually live with her and love doing it. We'll see how it is after the NRE wears off...
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