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Essentially there is a dicotomy between men ane women in poly relationships. Men don't get that Valley of The Dolls fantasy played out; while women can get their own Valley of the (Ken) Dolls fantasy. It's the nature of the genders women in poly/open relationships will always have it easier.

So to intentionally digress, I met Mr. A this evening. My anxiety prior to it piqued around a 6 out of 10. But it was thorouhly worth it as it dissipated quickly after meeting him. I think TP was more nervous than I was. That being said I had a couple of thoughts I needed to share and get input on:

From a secondary (and primary) viewpoint, is it wrong of me to think that as the primary I am alotted more privileges/rights in the poly relationship than a secondary? This came about innocently enough as I was joking with TP that Mr. A was coming to my house so he was lucky I was wearing pants.

Also, I think that there's an inherent flaw with some poly/open relationships as the primary is at a disadvantage because their partner will always be in the perpetual honeymoon, first dates stage with the secondary. Thoughts like these only occur because I was off in my own little world at the gym. So what's your take on it?

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