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I have to nitpick here. If you have a kid you are NOT child-free. You yourself can count as child-free if you have no kids of your own, but anyone who has ever had a kid, whether the kid lives with them, is grown, or given up for adoption, or dead, etc. is not CF. CF is not JUST a state of mind. That is PART of it (for example, if you always wanted a kid but were unable to have one for whatever reason, you are childLESS, not childFREE). Someone can ONLY be "child-free" if they never wanted a kid and never had a kid. I don't even believe in the concept of "fencesitters". If someone is weighing the pros and cons of having a kid, then that means they really do want one and are simply trying to find ways to talk themselves out of having one. I also hate it when someone says "I was child-free like you until I had my kid", which is not only incorrect, but very offensive because it implies that I don't know what I want and that I need to make an irreversible decision in order to find out if I'm really sure about it.
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