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here's how I see it.

Look(again) inside yourself and if this is what you want. If it is, have (more) talks with your husband about the polyamory idea, why're your comfortable with, why he feels the way he feels about it. Tell your husband who you're hanging out with out. Assure him that you want to focus on you and him(and do it). Continue seeing this guy you are seeing but DON'T DO ANYTHING SEXUAL, and let the NRE face wear off(at least a little bit). Develop your interpersonal relationship in it's purest form. distracting. Take this from a newly realized sex addict.

When all is said and done with your hubby out of boot camp, he'll be familiar with why you think the way you do, and you'll be familiar with why he thinks the way he does. Hopefully he'll be more accepting through your ad nauseum talks and then you can bring up that you want to starting dating.

my .2 cents at work. Good luck!

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