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Originally Posted by swfltriad View Post
This was our first meeting and it won't be the last! We had a great time meeting everybody and discussing the topics. It was nice to be with others just to be open with people who did not judge. Even being able to talk openly about simple topics like sleeping arrangements and how we met was relaxing, it that reinforces our confidence in our choices.

I personally want to thank you all for making us feel welcome.

Glad to have you there.. although since you drive so far, I hope you can find closer meetings. You're always welcome here..

There was some very practical advice at the meeting... like the two top sheets .... It's the little things that make life easier. And that's why it so great to have the long time polys there.

(the two top sheets advice: If you sleep three --or more -- to a bed, make the bed with two top sheets so the middle third of the bed is covered with both sheets. This lets the middle person get out of the bed by slipping out the center. This also helps keep everyone covered with a sheet as people move around while sleeping. )

Someone at the meeting also mentioned that sheets that are flannel on one side of the bed, and cotton on the other side of the bed (with a seam down the middle) are available. That seemed to be a google alert for some polys attending.

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