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J, the guy I have been seeing every once in a while is in a situation that is driving me bonkers. In fact - I am a little pissed.

There is another woman, we'll call her H. She is obsessive... and I mean this for sure. She and J knew each other in Maine before he moved here (for like 6 days) and she moved here "chasing him". She forced herself into his home, saying she would stay for 2 weeks, stayed for 6.... she has become entirely dependent on him here. He found her an apartment, and she won't branch out and find her own friends and activities. Co dependence is oozing out of everywhere!

As soon as something happened between J and I, she FREAKED. Him and her were f*ing mostly out of convenience at the beginning, and he told her ( not because of me, prior to me) that he didn't want to date her, and they should date other people.

I come into the picture, and she becomes crazy.

Right now - even thought they are not dating - there is a "ban" on how J and I can interact. I have my own boundaries... I'm moving slow, and we have ONLY kissed.... totally PG. That is all that will happen regardless of him, OR her for a while.


Now - I would understand and be graceful if they were in a relationship, he wanted to date her and build a relationship, etc. etc. and I would not be so pissed off.

Right now, this chick owns his balls, and it is NOT attractive. If he doesn't make a move for his own free fucking will, I will make it for him, and be done with this.

Now, this is a total shame. We get a long great, really like each other, and find each other attractive. But I am not a puppet. She is not my master either. God damn.

Anyone ever experienced this before?
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