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LOL yeah we're to unorganised for a calander to work.

Waiting on Karma to get back with g/f so we can go to a Native American Festival and pow wow. I'm really excited for today. Hoping for some good conversation and some fun just hanging out.

It's odd that all it took was a 5 page letter but her pretense seems gone and we are working on actualy getting to know eachother. I'm feeling much more comfortable with things. It's good to be yet again reminded that there's always going to be things we have towork through, but we'll always get through them.

Got a little bit of much needed Karma time last night. I love my husband! Oh and I forgot to brag about the fact that he made g/f and I breakfast in bed yesturday!

I know we'll all still have issues, we're human, but for today, it's nice to look forward to a good time with the man I love and the woman he loves. And tonight is a birthday party for the un boyfriend. Which Karma has decided to go to
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