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Thanks for all the advice. I think even just putting down the situation and how I was feeling helped a great deal.

I really like the idea of initially just a handshake and a "have fun kids!" at the door when he picks up fiancée from our house to break the barrier. Although after posting yesterday, and my fiancée reading my post (+ points to whomever figures out who she is) he and I actually bonded while she was talking to him on instant messenger. It was quite a good experience since we were discussing nerdy common interests (who's our favourite doctor, who are our favourite characters on BSG) and she had absolutely no clue what we were talking about, she was just the relay. Overall just posting and actually getting into words what I was thinking helped, and the bonding did too.

I really believe in the advice of immaterial that I need to acknowledge rather than debase my feelings. I just cannot allow them to overwhelm and control me. I cannot thank you enough for the articles Jkelly, especially Pepper's, it was and is a great help.

I'll keep you posted and go from there.


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