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Default Young Family looking to Expand

Our small family (myself, male partner, and our 19 month old) are looking to meet open-minded couples/families or single females (sorry single males!). We currently reside on Oahu, HI, but move every few months or so.

She is 22, 5'6, 120lb, loves to laugh, stays at home with toddler, training as a birth doula, interested in pursuing a midwifery career. He is 25, 6'0, 175lb, plays poker professionally, plays chess and GO casually. We are a fun-loving, atheistic, anarchist/voluntarist, couple who follow a relaxed and natural parenting style. After much discussion, we are seeking to expand our intimate circle. We are never in one place for long, but we will be in Hawaii for the next 6 months...anyone interested in chatting or meeting irl let us know!

We'd love to chat, pm, skype with anyone about polyamory and families!
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