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Default An Interesting Discussion

Lying in bed on a wet, wintry Saturday morning, Z came across these writings and he has finally decided that yes he might just be polyamorous.

The writings are interesting and sparked discussion in a few area. I'd be interested in some feedback:

1. Do you need to have a high level of emotional intelligence to be polyamorous? We thought that you probably do in order to be able to process and manage the emotions and needs of the different parties.

2. There's an interesting piece about capitalism and how monogamy is necessary to keep lines of inheritance straight. That got us to thinking about other ways monogamy is used to keep society the way it is, e.g. many people lead quite empty emotional lives and fill the void with consumerism. If people could have deeper, more fulfilling relationships and did not feel pressured to be monogamous I think it would do a lot for the environment but probably not so much for the global financial markets.
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