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Adria moved in last night, kinda by accident. I already posted about it in "how are you doing", so I'll leave out the details here. But that which was planned for down the road happened because the opportunity was there, and everyone seems much happier and relaxed today, like a missing piece in our household has been found. Much happiness. On our way to our bi-weekly get-together with close friends, this isonly the 2nd time Adrian has met them. We love these get-togethers as these are our closest freinds and they know and for the most part "get" our situation and it's not awkward (aside from the one frequently drunk freind who ismadly in love with Violet and frequently invades my personal space to tell me how lucky I am, over and over) and the food is always good... *sigh* Looking forward toa great, relaxing night in the pool to cool off (it was 112 or roughly 45*c today) with some great people!
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