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Originally Posted by sdguy View Post
OR the toothpaste oozes out on to the counter.

Not putting the lid on, and not rolling from the bottom on toothpaste both drive me nuts!
I solved the not rolling the toothpaste tube up PDQ. I went to the dollar store and bought a couple of those things you put on the tube & just push it up as the tube gets emptier. No excuses this way, lol.

Trying to chat via IM and NOT getting some undivided attention or even an answer in a timely manner. Them not bothering to let you know they're not going to be at the computer or are signing out......

Dating someone with ADD can suck, lol, when you are the type who likes to sometimes have things planned ahead of time OR being asked to go to a movie & having to remind him to check with his other partners AND arrange a babysitter! *sigh*
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