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Default Unabashed Unicorn Hunters Say Hello!

My wife and I share the computer, e-mail, this account, pretty much everything. We have decided, after much debate and research, that we also would like to share a woman. We understand that our goals are nigh unattainable, but we thought we could never find each other, and yet we did, so were willing to try for #3. We met online as well, the net is the place to go when you want to find the unfindable. I am 29, she is 26, we live in Portland for now, are married, and have a wonderful relationship. We were uncompromising when we sought each other, and will continue to be in our search for a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater. She must be honest, intelligent, attractive, and not suffering from low self-esteem. She should compliment our good qualities, and balance the bad ones (were a bit anti-social). We will happily go to our graves as a couple, though we still seek a polyfidelitous triad.

Oh and so far from what I can tell the poly community seems to be very awesome, and the people, generally, seem to have it together.. (pun intended, sorry)

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