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Default Hot man on man action

I may have missed a thread or two addressing this; if so, pardon me and mods, feel free to move this to an existing thread if necessary.

I have no intention of opening up a big can of worms (do worms even come in cans?)

I got into a terrible flame war once several years ago with a guy who ran a swingers' club. I had never really looked into it before this and didn't know anything about it. His rules were very strict: no single guys (which I can understand, I guess) and no male-to-male contact of any kind. I didn't really want to be sexual with men, so much, as I just had my homophobia radar switch on, and I thought the whole swinging scene was sort of damned by this double standard, revealed as just another patriarchal hetero means of oppressing women. The guy who ran the swingers' club did not appreciate my opinion. haha.

I am very mildly bi. Although I am rarely sexually attracted to men, it has happened a few times. I have never had a sexual relationship with a guy (other than some fooling around in early puberty) and haven't been in a sexual situation with another man present. So my own experience is very limited here. There are men I love thoroughly and completely, but there is no sexual feeling there.

In polyamory, is there a similar taboo against male to male sexual expression? Is there such a thing as a male unicorn? Do people have poly groups, families, triads here that involve men being sexual with men? I have sensed in my short time here that women with women is more common. I also understand there are DADT arrangements where bi men in hetero relationships are "allowed" to have sex with men on the side. I was good friends with a guy who was in an arrangement like this and it worked fine for him and his wife, not always so great for his male lovers.

Also, in the reading I've done here so far, I have yet to encounter a gay male poly scenario, without a hetero component. I don't think I've read about a lesbian poly situation without a hetero component either.

Anyway, just wondering.

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