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Originally Posted by TL4everu2 View Post
Interesting still....It seems that there are even more people who are poly from even more genre's. Maybe they are regional? I know that in this area, a LOT of them are the hippie type....and a lot of them are into the sci-fi stuff also.

This poses a bit of an issue for my wife and I, as we don't really relate to these people very well. We're not hippies....and we're definatly not into sci-fi at all.......Sigh....It's so difficult. LOL
I think it is regional. And I to a point have the same problem.

You could always go and try and find another level to relate on. ...

Its funny, I am a sci fi geek...I don't do sci fi
I ran d&d and roleplaying games for decades...I don't relate well to most gamers
I enjoy bdsm play...but for me its just play. I enjoy the rush it gives, I dont live it

But in those circles I have found random people to relate to (and this forum has been good too ) You might have to step out of your comfort zone into someone elses to find what you want, and heck you might like it.
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