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Default Unfinished business

Hi, I am married to someone who requested that we open our relationship about 7 months ago. I agreed, but apparently cried so much that he just couldn't go ahead with anything. Now, I'm really regretting it and keep wondering if he's happy... after he changed his mind on the whole thing he basically shut down discussion and said this is a done deal and he doesn't want anyone else. No explanation of why this changed in his mind etc, so I don't feel that I have an adequate understanding about why he was so gung-ho about this whole thing when he met the other girl but now it's all ok and he wants only me. Am I inappropriate to want an explanation of this? (or for the proverbial other shoe to drop and we just go right back into polyamory)

My husband thinks i'm over thinking and worrying too much, I guess my concern is that he thinks he doesn't need another but is kidding himself to make me happy. And that eventually the dissatisfaction will break through again and this may happen again, without warning like last time and without me really being able to emotionally prepare for it. I don't even know what's got me so concerned, except that I'm unhappy with how I look because the other girl is just a beauty queen, I mean literally, and she works at my Dr's office so every time I go there, I see her and make negative comparisons about myself. Seeing her every couple of months just brings it all back and that my reaction/behavior to his asking to sleep with her is the problem in this scenario, and he's subconsciously unhappy with me... Any thoughts?? (BTW I have OCD, although I'm very high functioning. This may play into the whole deal, unfortunately )
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