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Karmas g/f stayed the night last. They slept in the living room. I slept better than I thought, though it was odd to wake up without him.

Not feeling to good today. Lots of pain the new medicine is really tearing up my stomache. I think I'm gonna stay home and let Karma and his girlfriend have a day for themselves. They need it and I'm just not up to running around in 99 degree heat.

Emotionaly I'm feeling better. Still a little off but better. Frustrated that Karma and I haven't had any "alone" time in like a week and half. I'm missing intimacy with my husband. Seems so weird since a few months ago it was the last thing on my mind. At least that medication switch worked for the better But now I understand Karma's frustration. I almost feel neglected. We just haven't had time to be together. Either he isn't home, we're fighting, or sleeping at different times. I'm still learning how to adapt to that. I feel like I'm missing something. I'm no longer upset about the amount of time he is spending with g/f, I just wish we could figure out a way to create more hours in a day. I guess we need to learn to juggle life a bit better.
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