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Default Man do I have some news...

So, Ouroboros is in Guatemala for the month. I called him up last night because I was in a club with some close friends of mine and a girlfriend expressed interest in playing with me.... I wanted to know what the boundaries were.

So - I totally had sex with a woman last night.

It felt so completely natural. Even she said "gender doesn't really matter, does it?"

Now, today, I feel like I have a lot to process.
1) Never done this before... the newness of that and all the societal ?s are filling my brain.
2) Wondering now why the boundaries are different for a girl than a guy? I hear about this all the time - how guys feel much less insecure about this arrangement.
3) also feeling strangely guilty about it... like I did something wrong.

I am not sure if I am bi - or if I was just having fun. Really feeling little need to define that at the moment, if ever.
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