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I too know unicorns exist - since I am one.
was never able to find a couple to be with long term in my 20's.

Never had a long term monogamous relationship before my husband. Knew when I was younger, that if I ended up with a woman - would miss a man.
and with a man would miss the kiss of a woman.

I'm Married to an open man (more bi, than not) and still hoping to find a woman to be with.

Some of my best loving experiences were in my 20's in various three somes.
I love commitment and honesty of marriage, but miss the group dynamic
and of course loving women.

I'm 42 and a mom of two beautiful boys.

Dont' know if I'll ever find another unicorn to be with. But, I do no they exist, when I look in the mirror.

Alma from New Mexico
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