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Originally Posted by monaural View Post
One of my lingering worries is, my circle of friends are mostly married, or committed. They want me to have a wonderful partner, and those who know about this aren't thrilled to hear I'm with someone who "can't make up their mind", or doesn't value me they way they think she should.

I wonder how to make it clear to people that I treat this relationship like something "real", without seeming like a weak, cuckolded guy.
I know this is a struggle, but it seems that time makes people see that they don't know what they are talking about and can't justify the fact that it seems to be working! They had their say at the beginning behind our backs and now they have nothing left to do but watch and wait. Well, they will be waiting awhile. Besides, when they see us together and see the interactions we have without care or concern that they think we are wrong, it is hard for anyone to deny that we are a working, happy, functional tribe of people that love one another. Most people have been impressed and the rest put their heads back in the sand and we walked away.
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