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This is interesting to ponder for me, because my relationship with my boyfriend has been minimally sexual, partially due to circumstance and partially because neither of us feels that it's a huge priority in our relationship. We're very physical, but the majority of the time I would say it's more sensual than sexual. In theory, we would be fine not being able to have sex for an extended period of time. And yet, I wouldn't be comfortable agreeing to those terms for our relationship (if they were externally imposed). I think more than anything, for me, being poly means that I love more than one person, and that I have separate relationships with them. In order to really, truly have a relationship with my boyfriend, I need to be free to express how I feel in a way that feels natural and organic, not laden with rules and specifications. Even if that turns out to rarely mean sex, were the option not there, it wouldn't feel like I was *really* free to have a relationship with him. That's the best I can do at explaining why it matters.
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