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Default Poly = hippie?

I'm curious....My wife and I have not really identified as "poly" for very long. We used to identify as "swingers", but that was not really what we were. Anyway, since identifying as "poly"....we've noticed that a LOT of poly people or people who claim to be poly, are very much like "hippies" from the 70's. (i.e. smoke pot, want to just live and let live no matter the consequences, wear funky shirts..usually tie dyed, etc etc etc) Sorry if this describes you and/or offends you. That is not my intent. It is just an observation. My wife and I are NOT part of the "hippie" movement or genre.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I know this will offend some, and I'm ok with that. I'm tired of being PC all the time. It is hard to do. LOL
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