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You totally made Maca's day-cause he read this thread first too! He saw your reply and was laughing.

I'm happy to say that just getting our "playful groove" back, by way of our conversations, instead of the endless serious and morose planning conversations has helped A LOT with my emotions as well.

The thing is-I KNOW that all those emotions are temporary-and Maca can back me up here, so I'm really good at not allowing the emotions to make my decisions or change my decisions as the case may be.
But some people aren't as conscious and controlled as that. I thought, just maybe, someone would read the thoughts and think-huh, well you know I feel that way too, but maybe there ARE other ways to solve the feelings besides just saying, "this is hard so you can't see them anymore."

You never know.

I've had a great day. But it's also been a REALLY long day. I think I'm going to go drop off to bed a little early tonight. I may even go to bed before the kids! They all went next door to my sisters house for dinner and I may just go to bed without them in about 1/2 hour!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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