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Default Derbylicious

After work Redpepper and I got together for a chat before her evening with her girlfriend Derby. The talk turned to how I felt about Derby in our lives. She's not just in Redpepper's, she's in mine..that's how I roll

Last weekend at Poly camp Derby and I took the kids to the beach in the morning and sat in the sand drinking coffee. It simply felt good to be in her presence. She is a kind and caring person who, as Redpepper describes, is a breath of fresh air".

As Redpepper and I continued our talk, I found myself getting choked up at this new relationship for both of them. I wasn't sad or jealous, I was genuinely grateful that Derby is who she is. She is a warm and compassionate woman who values Redpepper's heart and trust the way I do I believe. I feel her good intentions and am happy they have each other. Derby has added to Redpepper's life and through Redpepper's connection with her I have added to my own.

In another couple of weeks we will be having another poly friendly camping weekend and Rolypoly will also be attending I am looking forward to all of us being together as friends and partners...

Peace and Love

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