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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
What constitutes sex for you? Kisses, mutual masturbation, intercourse, anal, oral?
Interesting question. I suppose all of the above. I have gone a 48 hour period in the throws of sexual passion without having any intercourse. That was some of the best sex of my life.

What constitutes fluid bonded? Kissing? mutual masturbation? bareback intercourse? oral?
Swapping seminal and vaginal fluids

How important is fluid bonding when it comes to your new partners?
Tough question...for a relationship as in someone I am dating, ideally this will eventually happen especially if I am developing a strong emotional bond. But I do judge this per person. How responsible are they. Testing, willingness to test and how honest they are in general.

Where, in a relationship do you talk about fluid bonding and how does that affect you in your dating?
The second I start talking about sex. I like to lay this on the table and discuss what people are interested in. If it is condoms only, fine...fluid bonding, then there is some serious discussion to follow.

On that note, I have not fluid bonded with many people, and I am a gy who hates condoms. I find them annoying at the best of times and painful at the worst.
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