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Default Bright Shiny New Toy

Wow! I have a bright shiny new toy... sitting in my closet... waiting to be played with.

That's what the decision to explore poly relationships feels like. I want to play with my shiny new toy - only it requires friends - its not a toy I can play with by myself.

So I take it out of the closet, play with it a while, and put it back, trying to be patient.

I'm not a patient person by nature. I like instant gratification. I am more inclined to jump into bed with someone and then step back and say "hey - lets see if we actually LIKE each other" and now I'm deliberately (out of respect for my husband) slowing myself down and trying to take things slow.

But I want to play with my new toy. I want to find someone who will happily teach me (or learn with me) the rules of the game.

I remember - when I finally got together with my husband, I was not looking for a lifetime partner. I was looking to get laid. And I did. And I realized I had fallen in love. And he left his wife for me 2 weeks later (fun story there) and we got married a year and a half after - and the rest is history.

Its hard to be patient.
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