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hey, listen the part about one night a week, no overnights, waking up alone, living alone... you know the part time relationship basically... i know what that is like.
i deeply, truly, honestly, feel for you loneliness... i think the worst kind of loneliness is the loneliness you feel in this type of situation...
Mono is right tho,
follow your heart and what yer heart needs.... it can be the most fucking difficult thing you will ever do and it will be full of confusion and could even get very messy...but in the end... it is worth the pain to have followed your heart.
I had a friend who told me that i was brave for trying poly because i never had to wonder "what if" .... i appreciated it but by the same token, i lived with the what if every day. like you said, you don't get any of those little things that a lot of ppl take for granted like morning coffee, dinner, hell even a "hunny i'm home" kinda thing....
again tho, follow your heart. it wont lead you astray. you may find that the one day with your poly significant other is worth so much more and so much more filling then those other 6days with somebody else
or you may find otherwise....
i especially feelt for your poly significant other too.. they love you so much i bet and here you are saying that you need something which they cannot give....
so hard...
i feel for you both, been through it ....although in my case i didn't get another involved....
good luck
follow yer hearts (that's to both of you! )

i hope you can work this out.... cus to be honest, after i left my significant other i wish i hadn't. you know, talk it out. maybe there's a way you and yer poly significant other to compromise? cus yer monogamous partner has made it clear they aren't able to compromise... so maybe the answer is not to change to a friendship and go fer the monogamous partner but instead to work out the issues of loneliness and such with yer poly significant other and the feelings of loneliness and outsider-ship that u feel rather then calling it quits and going after sumone who is monogamous?

or maybe... i'm just pushing my hopes for my last lost poly relationship that went thru extremely similar on your relationship...sorry.
"...Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident." ~St Augustine

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