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I highly recommend "The Year of Living Biblically" (can't remember the author at the moment). The author tried to live according to the Bible for an entire year (9 months for the Old Testament, 3 for the New, as that's the rough division of text). He meets with various religious speakers and believers, some of whom come across much better than others.

But the key comment is made very early, when he's speaking to a Rabbinical scholar (I know, is there any other kind of rabbi?) about his project. The Rabbi doesn't condemn or make fun of his idea; he's intrigued. But the Rabbi does point out that ultimately, no one CAN live exactly by the Bible...because we don't know what some of the original words in the Bible mean!

And the minute someone claims I can't read something, because I'm not a part of their group, I tune them out.
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