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Default so I went back to look at the stats...

7:56 a.m. started chat
8:10 Hosting swing/play parties with sister

8:15 realized that he meant sex with his sister at the parties.
8:22 children are interested in swinging.

8:27 sister and niece having sexual relationship
8:28 I said, I need to go.
8:29 a.m. end of IM .

It wasn't that long. I did bail out on the conversation after it hit the sister/niece together.

Sorry, I'm analyzing if I should have picked up on this earlier... This was the first chat.. He's in another state (wayyy north). so it wasn't even... gee I'm interested.. He's too young, too far and ... well, too weird..

As far as reportable...I don't feel compelled to report based on the conversation. Granted, what he& sister did years ago, could have gotten his parents in trouble... Now, I don't know the specific laws in his state.. but this could easily be someone else, or a joke or ??

Ewwww.. just ewwwww.. Okay, I'm a freak magnet. I'm going to go swim..
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