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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Okay. Wait a minute. Am I missing something? Am I the only one not disturbed by the fact that this family watches each other have sex and has sex with each other at swingers parties? Is their no ethics here?
On one hand, I am seriously disturbed by it. On the other, my daughter is my friend on Fetlife.

On one hand - that's highly illegal. On the other hand, so is BDSM if twisted the right way.

On one hand - that is seriously abusive to a child to raise them in that environment and have them involved in an "adult" relationship - especially at a young age. On the other hand - my daughter knew about BDSM at 16 when she walked into my bedroom and found me collared (she learned to knock after that )

With my experience with swinging and thinking of my own child, I am slightly horrified! What message is that sending?! Your body is to be kept in the family? And is not your private property? Sure I can see value to that, but only with some very clear boundaries and LOTS of thought to what it would create for my child, my sibling, for me! It sounds like a mine field to me. I think I will stick to talking about what I have learned as openly as I can with my boy and family thank you very much.
The thought more than horrifies me when I think about my children. To the point where I can SEE the beauty in a 22 year old woman - but am TOTALLY squicked at the thought of engaging in sexual intimacy with them. I have a 20 year old and an 18 year old. Um... EW.

Ya, this guy would be undatable in my books. Big time deal breakers going on there for me.
I agree.

I would have stopped the conversation right there and then - would not have any further association with him or her. The thought of being physically sexual with my daughter, my son, or my neices or nephews makes me physically ill.

On the other hand - I see people on fetlife who are openly into animals and shit and its plastered ALL over their profiles. I left a group I loved becuase someone wrote a story in it about a mother/daughter inscestuous relationship with a single Master and omfg I just about hurled when I saw it - but it was left up by the moderators.

Since these are all consenting adults - I have to step back and say - "not my business - but not someone I would associate with"

If they were talking about children - I'd be involving the authorities.
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