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I have absolutely run myself in circles with this very question. I discovered that I don't "need" a romantic relationship. But, if I am in one, there are things I need as far as that is concerned. I would this list is a way to know if I don't "need" to put up with a relationship, so to speak.
So, I created the relationship death list... read on...

The Relationship Death List

These are the things you have to do to end a relationship with me:

* Lie actively or by omission
* Be emotionally abusive by constantly criticizing me or not supporting my endeavors
* Assume that you are number one in my life. I am.
* Whine about how the world is always out to get you. You are in control of your own happiness.
* Cheat on me or deceive me
* Break relationship agreements and step over my boundaries knowingly
* Disrespect me, my family, my friends, or even my cat
* Become stagnant in life and stop improving yourself and our relationship
* Be disrespectful of my time by frequently cancelling plans last minute with no good reason – Or even always assuming me to always be available last minute.
* Rush me or push me in making decisions

These are things I need:

* Love, compassion, caring, respect, loyalty, dependability, kindness, great sex , time…
* The opposite of the Relationship Death List!
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