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Bold: I guess, like she doesn't understand my mono, I don't understand the need to exclude me from part of her love life, yet it's not because she loves me any less. That's very hard to wrap my head around.
My lover includes me in on those parts of her love life that I am not directly involved. She does this when she speaks of her love for her other loves. Things like why she loves them, what they mean to her, what they do together. She allows me the opportunity to get to know them, both indirectly when she talks about them and directly when we all hang out. I am always amazed by the people who she loves and have found great opportunity to have amazing people introduced into my life whom I would not have met otherwise because of her.

Instead of jealousy, there is a joy I feel for her joys. I also find a greater amount of intimacy between us as it allows me to see things about her through her many loves, that may not have been open to me if we were mono.

In allowing each other to be honest about who we are, we are able to connect in ways I never have experienced in a Mono relationship.
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