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Originally Posted by Derbylicious View Post
Don't drink and forum!
But but its how I wake up!

Reminds me of a joke (hey I'm derailing my own thread!)

A new porter starts his day in an mental hospital.

Walking down the hall he comes across a man playing with his balls. He asks the patient what he's doing.

"I'm a pitcher in baseball - I'm about to throw the winning strike!"

The porter shakes his head and continues on.

He comes up to the next guy who's got his dick out and is gently swinging it side to side. The porter asks the patient what he's doing.

"I'm playing baseball - I'm going to hit a home run"

The porter carries on.

He walks down the hall to see another patient furiously jacking off.

Amused, the porter says to the patient "What, are you the catcher in the ball game?"

The patient looks at the porter and says "Are you kidding man? I'm fucking nuts!"

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