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Originally Posted by clairegoad View Post
I don't know when my head exploded. Am I so open minded that I've lost my mind?
I have heard the phrase - "So open minded your brains have fallen out" Granted, she was one of those who think that anyone on THIS site would be sick, twisted, and in serious need of mental health.

and I have to be careful, because what I'm thinking about his situation is pretty much what others think about poly and well, the situation I want.
My first reaction to that was OMFG ABUSE.... and then I remembered... I took my daughter to her first BDSM party. I did it to protect her - she was into it already - and I wanted to introduce her to 'safe' people. And I have. And now we don't play at the same parties. But some people could see that as seriously sick, twisted and why did she know about bdsm at 18 (and before) and how could I?? So I'm going to remember that one. I've done some pretty unconventional parenting things that were really actually quite healthy if taken in context.

I love reading and writing on here. I find other peoples journeys so interesting and inspiring. We are all so vulnerable, yet amazingly resilient.
I would have quoted the entire post - I agree with it all. For the most part - there's really only one topic that I CAN'T see from the other person's point of view. Doesn't mean I don't like those people, doesn't mean I don't talk to or associate with people who feel that way - just means that there's a part of me that forever goes "Really? Seriously?" because their viewpoint is so diametrically opposed to mine.

Meh. I'm a grown up - most of the time - I'll get over it
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