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Why yes I have MBG... sometimes I even let that out a little. More so when I first came on here. Probably because I let it out more off the forum... now I just find it mostly just interesting. There isn't much I haven't heard at this point, but everyone brings something new to similar topics.

Actually, most of the time I have empathy for those who write and much admiration for putting themselves out there. I find that quite often I am able to find something in what they say that indicates where they may need some extra thoughts, or that indicates where they are on their journey.

I like to be able to meet them where they are at, but then offer my opinion in the hopes that they will find it interesting enough to formulate a differing opinion all their own... or even have more to go on about the opinions they already had...

I love reading and writing on here. I find other peoples journeys so interesting and inspiring. We are all so vulnerable, yet amazingly resilient.
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