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Originally Posted by catbird View Post
How do you do, Quath? Pleased to meetcha. Permit me to respond backwards through what you have to say here.
Pleased to meet you too.

Second, what is a "lobsert"?
Heh. Magdlyn caught this. It is a mispelling of lobster.

Third, people have always, throughout history, used the Bible to prove their opinions, sometimes going so far as to put their words into God's mouth. There are many ways of correcting that and I'm sure you have your own.
I personally do not believe in any gods, so it seem to me that all of it is thought up by people.

Fourth, most Christians today have finally learned the lesson not to pass judgment on people, and don't much anymore, or try not to.
I see a large conservative movement that is still trying very hard to push its religious views on others. I think this type of thing is declining, but it seems to be very prominent in some circles.
As far as commands in the Bible are concerned, some are false, not to put too fine a point on it. Which are and which aren't? Who would be able to tell you? You have to decide for yourself, and make sure it's your self that is saying, not some authority figure from the past whispering to you what you 'ought' to think.
I see the Old Testament as a book written by an ancient culture trying to guess as to how the universe worked. If they lost a war, then it must have been because the god of war was not on their side. So they would try something and if that worked, then what they tried must have pleased that god. I also think that some people wanted to codify their personal beliefs by saying that a god agreed with them. Many liberal Christians seem to be ok with this line of thinking (or accepting that someone could think it).

Fifth, as far as homosexuality being an abomination is concerned, most straight guys are grossed out by the idea of male gay sex. I imagine the ancients were the same, so they reasoned that 'anything that gross' was an abomination, something the Lord wouldn't like. So they wrote it down that way and it became canonized.
I tried many different ways to argue for homosexuality on one Christian website. I think "grossness" accounted for a lot of views, but they were rationalized by other reasons. For example, they would say that gay marriage should not be allowed because they can not have kids. But bring up adoption, artiicial insemoination, step-kids and heterosexual infertile couples, and they just jump to the next argument without realizing that this was not their real argument.

One attempt was to liken the homosexuality laws to the dietary or clothes laws. So eating lobster and wearing mixed fiber clothing was a sin back then. However, many Christians do not follow these laws today. The rationale is that we have a good understanding of clothes and foods so this restriction is no longer needed. But by the same idea, you could say we understand sexuality better and can ignore sexual rules of the Bible by the same logic. This was not too persuasive.

Faith is a cafeteria, Quath. You pick and choose what to believe. It's always been so. If you discuss faith with another having a difference of opinion is guaranteed.
I have talked to many people with varying views on this concept. Some say that there must be one truth and not contradictory truths. Either God exists or not. Either God accepts homosexuality as sinful or not. Either God created Adam from dust or he did not.

But then I also met a guy who said every religion was true. He was Christian but thought that God was Alah to some people and Thor to others. I think he even accepted that atheists were just as correct as Christians.
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