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Originally Posted by DazednConfused View Post
My immediate issue is now that we've gone to roommates, I'm trying to draw lines in the sand regarding intamacy. It seems now that I'm at risk of being without her, I want her more than ever. I keep saying slow down, but well, its half hearted at best. The issue here is I want her madly, but I'm not emotionally there, I kiss her and it feels like total bliss, then my mind flips to him in her mouth and I just get somewhere between a turned stomach and furious. So as I've told her no more intamacy for now, she knows me well enough to see I'm not very strong in that conviction and is flirting like crazey.
This seriously does not sound like very healthy relationship behaviour on either of your parts. "She's hurting you and you want her more"? "she's flirting like crazy"? I believe that the love we attract into our life is a reflection of the love we feel for ourselves. I don't think that an effective way of dealing with NRE is to allow yourself to be treated badly. Allowing someone space and allowing them to treat you badly are two very different things
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