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I grew up watching a serial monogomist.

I swore, upside down and sideways that when I got married, that was it. He was the one for the rest of my life. I was NOT going to be like her, I was NOT going to go through marriage after marriage, boyfriend after boyfriend. (If she marries again - it will be #5)

So I got married. I'm still married after almost 11 years. I will stay married to him as long as we both live. He is my husband.

SO I understand the desire to have One Love, One Spouse, Mate for Life type thing. I respect it.

I am more comfortable in a (theoretically at this point) poly relationship. We have been swingers, and that was a comfortable place for us. I think having other loves will be a comfortable place for us as well.

COULD I remain monogamous if he asked me to? Probably. If given the choice - I won't. And I am so grateful that he has chosen to allow us BOTH to walk through door #3 and see what's down the rabbit hole.

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