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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
Okay, enough "kittens and puppies," as Ariakis would say. :-)

I have mostly been a serial monogamist. I have always been intensely focused and loyal for the first phase of relationships. Then my heart starts to attach to others. Then the monogamous relationship ends, one way or the other. I go through a period of mourning and then I get into another intensely focused monogamous relationship. Lather, rinse, repeat.
This seems like one of the many ways people find poly. Excellent explanation of serial monogamy btw

What is the most positive definition of monogamy people have? Every time I try to offer a definition, my words fall short. Obviously, on the most basic level, it's having one sexual partner. But I'm interested in a deeper exploration of monogamy. Perhaps this thread will end up being helpful for the many questioning souls who stop by.

I think you were trying to make it too complicated in the other thread. And while I don't plan to go digging up what was said (new slate and all that) monogamy simply means one love. That simple. Its as simple as poly at its simplest. Multiple loves. All the crap built on top of that is the extras that build a, hopefully, healthy relationship.

Not unless you disbelieve in a persons ability to only have one love. There is no argument or debate. However, you would be hard pressed to convince me of the reality of that, my parents only loved each other and only each other. They couldn't conceptualize loving someone else. It was all encompassing and beautiful. I also saw fault with how they did it. It was too dependent. I swore when I got married I would love like them, but not live like them. Throw in my kinky side, shake it in a blender and spit me out the other end, and I end up poly...go figure.

While I am not a mono, I can understand their view through my parents eyes.

I have room in my heart for multiple romantic loves at one parents didn't.
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