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Originally Posted by mellsey View Post
my boss has noticed a change in me says I am under a lot of stress and he is worried about me. How do I explain to him, yes there is more stress, but worth every minute of it because I am happy with what I have. He won't understand or agree with the lifestyle we have. My job won't suffer, but his view towards me could change.
Honestly? I would say that it's not his business, specifically, what the details of your relationship(s) are. I know a lot of bosses try to make out "I want to know so I can help" but if you're not comfortable, even if he reacted well to it, then you don't have to share. It's your choice. If you're confident and loud and proud about coming out as poly then more power to you. Just remember that even though people shouldn't judge they are usually just frightened of things which are new and strange to them and don't really mean you harm.

Originally Posted by mellsey View Post
Also, our families would not understand, but it is so hard each day not to tell them, look this is what I have and I am happy with it. I just want to shout it from the mountain side, but know that we will be frowned upon.
I know every family is different. I was blessed with a very loving, open and understanding family. I thought I would be judged harshly, especially by my mother, if I told them I was poly. I've talked to them about it, not all of them but those I was comfortable with, one on one and actually seeking guidance around it. Maybe it helps that I am one of the younger siblings in the family but they have shown me nothing but love and support.

If it's really important to you to tell your family then maybe try gently talking to the one member you are closest too first? You can always branch out or shut out depending on how you feel after you tell them.

Good luck!
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