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Hey there and welcome,

I'm poly and my partner is monogamous and we're working through if we can both be comfortable with me having other partners. He's very important to me and I want to keep him in my life, preferably as my primary partner, so I'm taking it as much at his pace as I possibly can. I've been pushy and inconsiderate lately but we're working on things and I'm pulling my head in.

What the other two posters before me said are all good things to think about. I really more wanted to say that you're not alone.

Originally Posted by AstronautLoveTriangle View Post
I have so much growing up sexually to much exploring to do still.
This doesn't have to be with other partners. If there are other parts of your sexuality that you want to try out then maybe talk to her about it. I know it might be hard to trust her right now but you don't necessarily have to have a lot of sexual partners to 'grow up sexually'. I grew a hell of a lot and found out a lot of things about my sexuality I never knew through a single relationship. Admittedly, I have moved on from him now but I still know those things about me and maybe you and your lady can work out yours together. It might help her slow down too if you're opening up to her on a whole new level. That's exciting stuff! I feel so, anyway.
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