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Originally Posted by vandalin View Post
I think that legal marriages should exist, but between same species this point.
But I so wanted my dog to marry my cat!

Originally Posted by YGirl
However, I have to say that something in me believes that legal marriage should only involve two people. I can't really find the words to describe why this is.. Maybe it's mono-conditioning, but I can talk myself around that. Perhaps as this discussion continues, things will become more clear and I'll be able to figure it out.
When I studied older societies, I quickly learned that marriage was a way to pass a daughter from her father to a new man. It was a way to make sure that lineage could be followed (which is why adultery and sex rules focused on the woman, not the man).

It was not until recently that marriage has changed to be about happiness and love and an environment to raise children. I think a polyamorous idea of marriage is just continuation of this idea.
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