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Sorry to cut and paste but this reply sums up how I am so fulfilled in my relationship as a mono in a poly dynamic.

My monogamous needs (traditional marriage, traditional family, social blending, experiencing being some one's one and only love/lover ..etc, etc, etc,) were met in a previous relationship and therefore are not needs anymore. These needs could not be met in a poly relationship.

For a monogamous person to not experience a monogamous relationship is to perhaps sacrifice those possible needs I mentioned above....I think this is a much more difficult dynamic. Similarly, I think a poly person should explore a poly relationship before trying a monogamous one.

In short, I believe people should try to engage in relationships where both partners have matching natures before investing in one that does not. That way both are fully aware of what they are possibly missing and at least have a basic understanding of how the different dynamics feel.

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