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Default Poly relationship for the poly person

Why would someone EVER try to live in a poly relationship if they were mono?

In other words, be the mono in a poly relationship.

I think many people will respond with "because I love _____".

Don't you feel you are sacrificing something core to your being for this "love"? Isn't this by definition a sacrifice, and not a compromise?

Do you feel you are settling?

(This is in response to the mono dating thread started earlier.)

I mean, if you are not getting your needs met or even your wants met when you could MOST LIKELY get them met by someone else and be very happy, then what are you doing?

Staying in a relationship because you "love" someone really isn't the strongest argument for you. The abused say they "love" their spouses, those who do not get needs met stay because they "love" someone... Isn't this why so many people decide to venture into polyamory... to get needs met?

I am having a hard time understanding this one, thus the bluntness of my questions.
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