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Originally Posted by Erato View Post

My partner is monogamous (and happy/proud of it) and I have only come to realise during the time I have been dating him that I *am* poly, not that it's a lifestyle choice which might work for me.

I still can't explain about the reason why I desire more than one lover at a time. There was a counsellor I saw once who said something like: "We could explore why you feel you need it, what you get from it." And the only answer I can think of for that would be "love".

You can never have too much love, right? I know you can certainly have too little.

I'm holding back on taking other partners but it does feel like trying to "convert back to being mono" for me. If it were just painful then I think I would do it, I really love this guy, but the problem I really face is that I'm not sure if I can and I'm not sure how to figure out if I can without long periods of suffering on both our parts.

I hope you guys work it out, sorry I couldn't give any advice on it, and thanks for showing me that there is someone out there who knows what I'm going through to some extent!

I hear you. It's an odd juxtaposition of feeling like I'd do anything for him and yet knowing that no matter what I did, in terms of letting go of partners, I'd still be poly. Then again, he has no issue with me being emotionally intimate, only physically. I don't know. I hope you work it out too. I hope to look for more posts from you; perhaps we can share this journey together!

Best of luck,

Christie (no need to spell out inlovewith2, and it's such a weak name anyway ;-)).
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