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Originally Posted by Superjast View Post
yep,..that is my focus Ariakas. The consensual couples.

Those that wish to know absolutely NOTHING about the others sexual and relationship choices.

This is a bit of a stretch, but its all I have on my tired brain right now, try and follow me..... Remember before a lot of policies become popular, people hide, and ignore all kinds of important issues. Safer sex, is a example.

We have now accepted the fact, that while it might not be the sexiest thing to do, we all generally promote having a 'safe-sex' discussion before engaging in sex acts. it has become the norm.
I get your meaning. By doing it, doesn't make it right or stop it from working, but it would be better if it was out in the open. Is that following ok I don't disagree, but unfortunately, others with stronger opinions about it do.

So thats my rambling, milkshake-loving, thought process in the last post. Why not promote a simple, quick 'must do' amongst those who follow a DADT policy ?
This would be a 'safer relationship' type of policy.
hmmmm milkshakes ...fair enough, I think that would work. Except for the anonymous sex feitishtas

*Makes slurpy noises at the bottom, and end, of her milkshake. Ah phooey, all gone*
Well god I hope so, its been 10 hours
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