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So, yesterday was another drama laden mess. Sometime mid-day a mutual acquaintance of ours contacted me on facebook, asked me why her (the mrs.) profile was changed to interested in M&F. Well, I lost it. We argued for hours with the end result being we're roommates who date. I told her she needs to slow down with all this teenage lovestruck bullshit and stop being so selfish. She needs to remember who she is, a kind, caring, compassionate, dignifed person. That all her actions now impact me, him, his family.. I asked her how it would of made her (our?) brother/sister/mother feel to see that garbage. That the only reason for her to have done it was for her own pleasure, not considering anyone elses. That if she wants to come out, fine, but she needs to discuss this stuff with me first.

So after a week of me begging her to educate herself, she tells me he has a friend who 'has been through the same stuff' and shes going out to meet them to talk. Fine, at least shes trying, right? Well she meets him at a concert, turns out his 'friend' never showed, concert ended at 9, she came home at midnight.

UGH, Im trying so hard. Now, where do I drawn the boundries on this roommate thing? How do I keep myself from trying to "compete" with him, when I know thats just silly?
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